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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Want results? Keep it simple.

Want results? Keep it simple.

We talked about nutrition yesterday and the difference between short term / crash / fad diets and long term successful weight management. To recap; with nutrition people tend to either get sucked in to utter crap that can’t possibly work and will actually deliver the opposite of the result they’re looking for (crash/fad diets), OR they’ll get sucked in to stuff that might actually work but is way more complicated and restrictive than what they actually require.

Regardless of whatever anyone else tells you, at the end of the day weight management comes down to consuming the right amount of calories. The right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats helps too. Beyond that, all this garbage about putting together a list of foods that help burn fat and another list of foods to avoid because they stop you burning fat… complete and utter bollocks.

Obviously I’m talking about people who are overweight or obese here. If you go from eating the wrong amount of calories and doing no exercise to eating the right amount of calories and doing some exercise… you’re going to lose weight. Unless you’re actually trying to get into body building / figure modelling competition shape… like I said above and a dozen times in earlier entries, you just need to consume within an appropriate range of calories. Drink plenty of water too, and watch the sodium intake. It’s SIMPLE.

Things don’t have to be complicated to be effective.

When you keep things simple, you give yourself a far greater chance of success. Which is not to say we should be looking for an easy answer, either… the only easy option is the one that actually produces the desired result. People have a tendency to take the easier option even when there is no logical reason to expect it to produce the desired result, OR they take a far more difficult route than is actually necessary, which still doesn’t produce the required result!

Bottom line? To achieve a specific result, you must do what is actually required to produce that result.
No more, no less. But that’s another subject for another day!

Back to keeping things simple and while we were talking about nutrition earlier I notice that people do the exact same thing with training and exercise. Overcomplicated routines, too long in the gym, too much cardio… none of this stuff is necessary. A lot of this stuff gets pushed in the magazines and perhaps by some trainers trying to pass themselves off as better or more knowledgeable than the next guy (or girl).

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without understanding is nothing.

So, people with a little bit of knowledge may think they can speed up their progress by adopting a lot of advanced techniques, but people with understanding will realise that first, you need a solid foundation built on the basic principles. Look, don’t take my word for it… check out this post from Lee Labrada that I shared on facebook the other day. Advanced techniques are great but you should have a specific reason for using them. Otherwise, the basics will take you a lot further.

Whether you are training for weight loss, body building or just general health and fitness, advanced techniques and complicated nutrition plans are useful for fine tuning, but not at the expense of the basic fundamental principles.

Appropriate calories, macronutrient ratios and targeting the largest muscle groups with natural movements under heavy resistance. Use correct technique as well! Everything else is just fine tuning.



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