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Unique workout program strategy

Unique workout program strategy

I stuck with my five day split program for quite a long time and I feel like I got some really good results with it. It’s possibly the toughest program I’ve done, especially on back day and legs day. Towards the end I’d made a few slight changes, and eventually I felt like it was time to move on to a new program. I’ll definitely come back to this program or something very similar again soon though.

So from time to time I’ll write a program for myself that’s a bit crazy and unique, and perhaps not something I’d give to a client or suggest to a friend. But for me, it’s important to do something a bit different once in a while to keep it interesting and also to keep the body guessing. This month I’ve gone back to what I call a “double two day split”. A two day split means you train the whole body in two sessions over two days, for example chest, shoulders, triceps on day 1, and back, legs and biceps on day 2.

On a double two day split, it’s much the same concept except that I’ll come back on day 3 and 4 and hit the same muscle groups, but with a different routine. Perhaps a different choice of exercises, or different rep ranges, or both. ┬áSo here’s the strategy this time around:

Monday day 1: Chest heavier weights, less reps + Shoulders.

Tuesday day 2: Legs (squats) heavier weights, less reps + Back.

Wednesday day 3: Shoulders heavier weights, less reps + Chest.

Thursday day 4: Back (deadlifts) heavier weights, less reps + Legs.

ALSO because I’m a bit nuts, Friday day 5: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms.

As you can see, every group is getting worked twice a week with a slightly different approach. Also arms have their own day which some people might say is bordering on over-training, but sometimes I like to push it a little bit.

I’m using some pre-fatigue and superset exercises in this program as well, so it’s really incorporating a lot of different approaches at the same time.

For cardio, before each gym session I’m warming up with a little bit of the rowing machine. Just a few minutes to warm up and get the heart rate up. I’ve also rediscovered interval training at home, just running up the hill on my street, then walking back down and running back up again.

That’s all for now, more soon!



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