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Top 5 disempowering beliefs The Man has put inside your brain.

Top 5 disempowering beliefs The Man has put inside your brain.

I was thinking a little bit about what (from my observation) seem to be the most pervasive of limiting beliefs that are holding people back from making a start with a strategic approach towards their goal in weight loss or other form of body transformation.

A lot of this stuff is really quite illogical, and I’d suspect even the people this applies to would see it as illogical if someone else said it to them as an excuse or reason why they can’t be successful. I mean, they’d sympathise with the person and maybe relate to how they feel, but they wouldn’t really buy into the story. On concious or subconscious level though, these ideas seem to be there in people’s heads, keeping them where they’re at and holding them back from getting to where they want to be.

Why so pervasive and widespread though? Simple. It’s what THEY want you to believe. Them, on the TV chat shows, selling the diet and meal replacement products, the “miracle cure” products, books, gadgets and “it’s as easy as sitting in a chair” exercise machines. How are they going to keep making money from you if you’re empowered and actually believe in yourself and your ability to get results the same way as everyone else?

So anyway, let’s get into it.

1. What works for other people won’t work for me.

Because you’re cursed by god or something, right? A lot of people are convinced that this is the case, and really all of the other limiting beliefs we’ll tackle stem from this one. In most cases I am going to go ahead and say that the problem is that you’ve only ever tried stuff that doesn’t work for anyone, and never tried the stuff that does work. Or if you’ve tried it, you aint stuck with it for long enough.

2. If I eat like other people, I’ll get fat.

You can blame all the fad diet marketers for this one. There’s a billion people out there NOT on a fad diet, not cutting out carbs, not doing whatever other nonsense “tricks” some scumbag is making a million bucks from, and yet they’re normal sized or even better, actually in great athletic shape. Look at it this way… if you eat like other fat people, you’ll probably get fat. If you eat like people the size you want to be, you’ll end up about that size.

The problem is that people think “if I want to be the size of my slim and slender friend, I need to eat half (or less than half) of what she does”. How is that logical?

Again… blame the marketers (and that’s all these people are) for telling everyone that the common everyday foods we’ve been eating for tens, hundreds, even thousands of years are suddenly to blame for everyone being fat.

3. But I can’t “eat healthy” I don’t like healthy food.

I blame the “clean eating” or as I call it pro-orthorexia movement for this one. You don’t need a “perfect” diet. You need a diet that hits your overall calorie requirements with a suitable ratio of protein to fats to carbs. More fresh fruit and vegetables will certainly help ensure that you’re micronutritional needs are also met but for gawd’s sakes, it doesn’t mean you can’t have eggs on toast for breakfast and a sandwich at lunch just like everyone else.

4. Any amount of exercise or physical activity is an unreasonable expectation. 

They keep reinforcing this idea on the TV, don’t they? “Who has time to spend hours and hours in the gym?”. As if that’s what it takes. An hour most days is great, half an hour is better than nothing. Oh you’re SOOOOOO BUSY you only have 15 minutes? Get stuck into it then.

Make time. Schedule it in and make it a non-optional part of your day.

5. But I can’t DO exercise.

Bullshit. You’re designed for moving around, and picking up heavy stuff. You’re literally built for it. You don’t have to be (or have any aspirations of being) a competitive level athlete, you just have to go in and exert yourself. Preferably in accordance to a strategic and methodical training program, not just “to burn calories”.

Call yourself out on this stuff. Is there REALLY any reason you can’t get into shape?



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