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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

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Too much exercise, too little food? Part 1

Too much exercise, too little food? Part 1

Part 1 of 2, all about Over Training While Under Eating. I’m not sure why everything I have to say requires two or more entries lately!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of online PT as well as just answering people’s questions and trying to work out why they’re not getting the results they want for all of their hard work in the gym or where ever else they choose to exercise. What’s very nice is that people are following the advice that I give them, and within as little as a week or two they report back to me with improved results and better progress than ever before.

It’s interesting to note that in almost all cases of people who are already training but frustrated by a lack of results, the advice I give that makes all the difference is about the same; you are not eating enough, and in particular you are not eating enough carbs.

Wait, did I really just say that?

Isn’t that about the opposite of what the entire world is telling people about weight loss and nutrition? Yeah. It is the opposite! Regardless, it’s the correct advice and the people who follow it have all been very glad that they did.

Check the testimonials if you don’t believe me! Here’s one now.

click to see full size.

Oh look, here’s another one.

Before we go any further I’ll make sure you understand; I am talking about people who have been training for some time, are VERY active, but aren’t seeing the results in the mirror that they expect. Fitness improves, performance on the track improves, but as far as getting closer to their goal physique their progress has stalled.

So… in the past few months I’ve become quite passionate about solving this issue of people (women in particular and especially the younger ones) who are under eating while over training.

I’ll say that again; they’re eating too little, and exercising too much.

Again that’s the opposite of what you ever expected me to say, right? But like I said in my video for “No Bullshit, No Excuses”; it’s not about doing more and more exercise on less and less calories.

Remember this; you’re the boss and your body will do exactly what you tell it to do.

Ever have one of those bosses who would tell you one thing, when really they wanted something else? Or maybe you’ve had an employee or co-worker who couldn’t follow instructions and would keep doing the same thing no matter how many times you explained to them “not like that; THIS is what I want!”

Out of these two opposing analogies, people who aren’t seeing the results they want from training probably identify pretty closely to the latter one. You keep telling your body to burn off the fat and get lean and toned and it just refuses to do it, right? Wrong. You’re the boss. You might want your body to be lean and toned, but if it’s not happening, it’s because you are telling it something different.

Now a few of you are probably quite offended by now thinking “this guy has no idea how much I do, how hard I try and how much I go without to keep my calories low, and he’s trying to tell me I don’t actually want to get lean and toned?”

Nahuh. I know you want to get lean and toned, but that’s not the message your body is getting. Get it?

Let me try to elaborate on this as best I can.

With some maths based on age, gender, height and activity level, we can determine the amount of calories required to maintain a particular weight, reasonably accurately. As far as body composition (amount of fat vs amount of lean mass) though, there’s a little more to it. The bottom line will always be total amount of calories required to maintain weight, but within this figure we need an appropriate ratio of calories from protein, calories from carbohydrates, and calories from fats.

Coming in a close second in terms of importance is … you guessed it… EXERCISE. We need an appropriate exercise program that tells the body what it needs to do with those calories.

It’s simple really. No exercise means your body has no reason to burn off or utilise the calories you put in, so it stores them as fat. Particularly if you are consuming in excess of maintenance requirements and even more particularly if there are a lot of “junk” calories in there.

Read on for more about Over Training While Under Eating.



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