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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

The Bottom Line in fitness programs

The Bottom Line in fitness programs

So, the Online Personal Training side of the business has really taken off recently, which is nice.

As you may have seen already, I’m getting a lot of really good feedback about the brand new “No Excuses, No Bullshit” package in particular. Lots of happy people are seeing improvements in body composition (aka they’re losing fat while maintaining muscle mass) on this one.

I’ve been getting lots of requests for exercise program cards recently, so I should have some available hopefully tomorrow if all goes to plan. These are for all the people who don’t live close enough to come and train with me at the gym, but don’t need a full “exercise and nutrition” program like the packages I already have available.

I’ve had my “Next Level” program available for free on the blog for close to a year now and lots of people are having a great time with that one already, but I thought it would be nice to give people the chance to get an actual card they can print out to track their lifting progress.

Once again I’ve drifted off on a tangent from what I was supposed to be talking about! Let’s get back on track…

What to expect from my Training Programs and Online Packages.

There’s not really just one “correct & best way” to do things to get results in changing your body. It’s always interesting when I talk with my friends who train or who are also Personal Trainers, and you all have quite different approaches that all get results for yourselves and your clients.

What I like to do is just keep things as simple as possible and focus on what I consider to be “the bottom line”.

For example in resistance training, the bottom line to me when putting a program together is “am I training my whole body, with a balance between different movements and muscle groups?” To elaborate a little more, I’m saying you gotta train your legs as well as your upper body, and you should be doing the same amount of “pushing” exercises as “pulling” exercises. Ever see a guy who looks like he JUST trains chest and biceps? All out of proportion and strange looking? Overdeveloped in a couple of areas while underdeveloped in others?

Obviously that’s NOT what we want, so we have to train full body.

To me, this is just logical and sensible. And especially when combined with appropriate nutrition, it produces the desired result.

As for nutrition… again I like to keep this simple too and just focus on the bottom line. Some people just have good intuition and can get their intake right without having to really think about it too much. At more elite levels such as preparation for a body building contest your nutrition plan would need to be really precise, taking a wide range of factors into consideration in close detail.

For myself though and the majority of the people I help, the bottom line is simply “am I over eating, am I under eating, or am I eating roughly the right amount?”

I talk about this a lot. You know what? I’m going to KEEP talking about it a lot until people GET IT, get it?

We can agree that if people are overweight, it is usually because they’ve been taking in too many calories, right? Consistently consuming even a small amount of calories above what you need can add up to a large increase in body weight / body fat over time. Generally when people decide to do something about it, it’s either a crash diet (aka starvation) OR hopefully they get into fitness instead. From my observation though, and especially with females the tendency is still to under eat, which will actually slow or completely halt your progress towards the lean physique you are trying to build.

So, again; it’s not necessary to stress out over the finer details as if you were preparing for a contest or something. For most of us just wanting to get into great shape, it is enough to focus on the bottom line – “am I consuming within the right range of calories to maintain a healthy weight for my size (taking my activity level into account) or not?”

You can always fine tune later, but if you’ve been under eating (especially if you’re under eating and over training) bumping those calories up to an appropriate level will bring results surprisingly quickly. Of course, you can’t lose weight if you’re over consuming, so… determine your appropriate levels and take the appropriate action!

The bottom line in bottom lines;

In the end it all comes back to “Is it working, and is it enjoyable?”, right? Right!



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