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Successful weight loss programming; part 2

Successful weight loss programming; part 2

If you missed yesterdays amazing, informative and entertaining entry on building a successful weight loss plan, you probably ought to go read that first!

To recap, we looked at some of the extreme measures people will now go to for a temporary reduction in body weight, the reasons why people are overweight to begin with, and how body weight is directly proportional to the amount of calories we consume. So, the best way to ensure we reach a particular weight or just a weight somewhere in what is considered the normal, healthy range is simply about consuming the appropriate amount of calories.

It almost sounds too simple, right?

Well… there’s a little more to it than that.

For best results, you do need to pay some attention to the ratio of calories coming from protein, carbohydrates and fats. You also gotta do some exercise for around an hour a day.

Still pretty simple though.

So, what’s the problem?

The answer is simple, but there are a couple of things holding people back.

Obviously, people are out of the habit of eating appropriate amounts to meet their nutritional needs. This is down to modern lifestyles, increased portion sizes when eating out, misleading packaging and advertising, amongst other factors. The end result being that what people consider a “normal amount”, might actually be 2 or 3 times as much as a human being should consume.

So, we just don’t know how much we’re supposed to eat. We barely even know what size (or weight, relative to their height) a human being is supposed to be any more!

A weight loss system designed to produce sustainable results would address this problem. Not just by providing meal plans that happen to meet the appropriate nutritional requirements, but rather by educating people as to what these requirements are, and how we determine them. Further to this, we would empower people by providing proven strategies that they could follow to create their own plan to meet these nutritional targets with their own choice of foods.

Contrary to what you might have though, most people I know who have been successful in managing their weight and building a tremendous physique are actually equally passionate about enjoying their food! So it is not all about bland and boring foods and never indulging yourself.

 But that’s not really all there is too it, right?

Actually, it is.

Now… micronutrients (that’s vitamins and minerals) are important too for good health, but as to simply maintaining weight, calories and macronutrients (ratio of protein, carbs and fats) is all that needs to be considered. People will tell you other wise because (a) they’re trying to confuse you to sell you some shonky product, or (b) they’re trying to impress you with a bunch of big words to make you think they are knowledgeable. Also you’ll get trainers who think the average weight loss client needs the same advanced, highly fine tuned meal plan they (or more likely the guy they stole it from) used to get into body building competition shape.

Those more technical approaches may work, but are they practical for you to stick to, long term? If you are inactive and consuming the wrong amount of calories, simply getting active and consuming the right amount will be enough to see tremendous results over time. Anything on top of that is just fine tuning, or to use a somewhat inappropriate analogy; the icing on the cake. In my opinion too many people in the industry are pushing diet plans that are all icing and no cake, with the focus on the finer details rather than the big picture.

My methods get results!

It’s all common sense, simple and logical, but the proof is in the results.

You can see on my Personal Training Testimonials page that my online PT & weight loss clients lose an average of 5kg within the first month. At my new location as a Personal Training and Weight Loss Specialist in Latrobe Valley, I’ve produced results of 8kg of weight loss in the first four weeks of training.




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