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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

September Update: Reality Based Training Systems

September Update: Reality Based Training Systems

I just woke up in the night last night and thought “Reality Based Training Systems!” and then went back to sleep again. That’s what I do though, isn’t it? No nonsense, no “latest trend” in fitness, no magic potions or “secret tricks” like all the other internet fitness gurus are always harping on about… just stuff that is based in reality and works in the real world.

And it does work, very nicely.

Now as far as weight loss goes there’s a lot of nonsense put out there about the best way to go about this, and if you’re a trainer listening to those “get 1000 new clients tomorrow” type marketing coaches or if you’re a potential client watching those infomercials on the morning TV shows you’ll be told the best strategy is some kind of “extreme fat loss challenge” over a short period of time. Sounds great right? Suffer a little for a few weeks, get big, fast, dramatic results.

Meanwhile back in the real world though, that’s actually not good for people. In the real world, do the people you know who are actually already “in shape” (or just “normal sized” if they’re not of an athletic build) that way because they go on and off these crash diets, skipping meals, cutting out entire food groups and so on? I will wager the reality is quite the opposite; the normal sized people eat normally, and we all know that crash diets don’t work. They provide a temporary result at best, and backfire in the long run since all you are really doing is training your body to run on less fuel.

So if we’re talking about weight loss to get back down to “normal” size, let’s imagine a time when most people where about normal size and less were overweight or obese. Let’s say… the 1970s, for example. How did they do it? Contrary to what the marketing people would have you believe, they weren’t starving themselves, they didn’t all have a treadmill in the bedroom, they didn’t demonize certain food groups with restrictive diets, they weren’t all standing on some vibrating plate machine that makes exercise more effective, or whatever other stupid fad, product or industry buzzword you might be thinking of. They didn’t need any of that and neither do you.

In the real world we simply need to learn to enjoy a variety of foods to an amount that is suitable to maintain our goal weight, and we need to train strategically to build a strong, healthy and functional body type. I’ve had tremendous success with this approach with clients all around the world, without the unfortunate physical and emotional side effects that come with more restrictive, deprivation based methods.

Now for those who don’t need to lose weight and in fact want to increase mass… the strategy is quite similar. We consume more food to an amount suitable to achieve our goal weight, and we train strategically towards a lean, proportionate and symmetrical physique.

Whatever goal you have, you don’t need some kind of miracle product, medical breakthrough, brand new research backed diet program, gimmick or fad. You simply need to do what has worked for every other person in the real world who has stuck to it with some consistency.

Availability and specials this month:

I have a particular spot in the mid morning and another in the evening that I’d like to fill this month. If you’d like to train with me at the same time every day Monday – Friday I have an unbeatable offer too good to refuse that I’ll tell you about when you contact me¬†via the form on this site.

Once these spots are filled there may be a waiting list to get started as between Brunswick and the rest of the world with my Online Coaching products I am fast approaching capacity! Get in while the getting is good.




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