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Preposterous Power – Two Day Split Progam

Preposterous Power – Two Day Split Progam

I’ve been promising this for a long time so for all of you out there that have been pestering me waiting patiently for it, here it comes!

No program is ever going to be perfect. You gotta keep mixing it up, keep trying different things, and keeping the body from getting too used to what you’re doing. So every time I write a program, I get real excited and enthusiastic about it and think “this is my best program EVER”… and I get stuck into it and get results. But then I start to think “you know what would be even better?” and it’s back to the old drawing board.

So. I’ve gone back on to what I call a “double two day” program. That is, it’s a two day “push / pull” split program as you know I like to ultilise, but we’ll mix it up a little and do some different things every other time we go through it. Mainly just because, jeez… to REALLY hit up every body part & movement pattern we’d like to use, it’s just going to take too long in the gym and you’re going to run out of energy and enthusiasm before you finish. So, we’ll break it down into double two day format as follows.

Basically the idea is that we want to hit most movements as hard as possible twice per week. But since that’s not always possible, we’ll swap some things in and out so they get hit at least once a week.

Here’s the details:

Push Day is pretty simple. It’s all the pushing movements and we’re trying to hit the chest, quads, calves and triceps muscles. I’m going to throw the lateral / middle deltoid in as well for good measure.

  • Pushing Movement, for example bench press, dumbbell press, incline press etc.
  • Chest Isolation excercise, for example dumbbell flies, cable flies, cable cross overs etc.
  • Lateral Deltoid, for example side lateral raises (dumbbell, cable, machine, whatever).
  • Legs / Deep Knee Bend. Either;
    • Some variation of Squats. I like box squats at the moment. Or,
    • Machine Leg Press.
  • Legs again. Either;
    • Calf Raise / Calf Press – if you did squats. Or,
    • Leg Extension – if you did Machine Leg Press.
  • Either;
    • Another chest exercise of your choice… pushing or isolation. Mix it up.  Or,
    • Triceps exercise of your choice.

In case it’s not obvious, when I say “or” you’re supposed to do each opti0n once a week. Get it? Good!

Back day is a little more complicated because there’s so many movements you’ve got to hit! We’re talking vertical pulling, horizontal pulling, something for trapezius, rear deltoid, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and biceps! It’s too much for one day, probably too much for two days as well. But we’ll do our best, right?!

  • Horizontal Pulling Movement. Aka some sort of rowing exercise. Seated Cable Row is my favourite.
  • Trapezius, for example Shrugs, Upright Rows etc.
  • Rear Deltoid, for example Bent Over Lateral Raises, Reverse Cable Flies etc. I want to hit my Rear Delts twice a week every week because they’re pesky little buggers and hard to develop.
  • Lower body, either;
    • Hip Bend. Aka, Deadlifts or Rack Pulls once a week. Or.
    • Hamstrings. Usually Leg Curls but you could do something like Good Mornings or Stiff Leg Deadlifts if you like.
      My gym has a nice Glute Isolator / Kickback machine so I’ll superset this with Leg Curls once a week when I don’t do Deadlifts.
  • Either,
    • Vertical Pulling Movement. Aka Pull Ups, Lat Pulldown etc. Or,
    • Biceps exercise of your choice, once a week.
      I would say Vertical Pulling is as important as anything else, so on your bicep day you might swap traps or horizontal pulls out instead.
      This way you are at least doing each movement twice every other week, ya follow?

So in summary you can see we are hitting most movements / muscle groups twice a week, with biceps and triceps once a week each which I think is plenty.

Get stuck into this.



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