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Power, Precision, Pump, Posture and Proportion! Page 2

Power, Precision, Pump, Posture and Proportion! Page 2

This is page 2 of the details of my brand new Multiple Angle Movement Based Resistance Training Program. Click that to see page 1, if you missed it.

Now, let’s continue.


Now, you might be starting to notice there is a lot of overlap between the various descriptors in the program name.  Most exercises have more than one benefit to them… it’s not a clear cut off where this one is ONLY about power, this one is ONLY about posture and so on.

So as in all of my programs we want a balance between pushing and pulling movements in each direction, so support balanced posture. But on top of this, I always like to pay special attention to areas where people tend to have postural issues, such as pelvic alignment and shoulder position. So far I’ve only discussed the upper body portion of the program, but we’ll be including Lunges as a Power Movement that it also beneficial for our posture, as it provides a dynamic stretch of the hip flexor muscles. Similarly I always like to ensure there’s plenty of focus on exercises that retract the shoulders.

I’m putting my exercises targeting Lateral and Posterior Deltoid (that’s middle and rear of the shoulders) under both Pump & Posture categories.


An EXTRA P-word that’s not included in the title. Now… as I keep saying, it’s all about a balance of movements. However, especially for more advanced people, you might be aware that certain of your muscle groups require more, or less, attention in order to maintain a symmetrical and proportionate physique.

Therefore, make adjustments as necessary. Personally I will only do Vertical Pushing on one out of 8 days, and I’ll replace it with an extra Incline Press on the second split. Ladies might not want to smash their traps with Upright Rows as often, so perhaps replace with an extra horizotnal (or vertical) pulling exercise. My gym has a nice low row machine which would be a good substitute. Personally as a man I actually want monstrous, grotesquely over developed traps, so this isn’t an issue for me.

Lower body Power & Pump.

We’ve covered upper body in depth, so now let’s back up and talk about our legs and butt.

It’s HARD to smash both upper body and lower body on the same day. Well, I find it bloody hard work anyway! So, I’m going to try fit my heavy, POWER movements for lower body in with the less demanding upper body routines. Your mileage on this may vary… regardless the idea is to have a Power split for legs, followed by a Pump split.

For power moves on Push Days I want Lunges as mentioned previously, and Squats. On Pull Days our power moves are Deadlifts, and Deadlifts. In between these… whatever you’ve got access to, really. On Push Day maybe a hack squat, or leg press. Higher reps this time, and we’ll do Leg Extensions as well. On pull day it’s going to be Hamstring Curls, and if you have a Back Extension or Glute Isolation machine take your pick. If you REALLY want to impress me, do one split as a pre-fatigue superset, and the other as a post-exhaustion superset. Now, THAT’s hardcore!

Putting it all together.

Ok so here’s how it’s going to look! I’ll give example exercises rather than movement patterns because I’m so helpful.

Split 1:

Power: Barbell Bench Press / Seated Cable Row.
Precision: Dumbbell Flies / Rear Delt Laying Lateral Raise.
Lower Body Pump: Leg Extension & Leg Press / Hamstring Curls & Back Extension.
Posture: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises / Straight Arm Pull Down.
Upper Body Pump: Shoulder Press / Wide Grip Pull Ups.
Arms Pump: Whatever you like for triceps / whatever you like for biceps.

Split 2: Assuming “No Days Off”, otherwise do the first movement in power mode.

Pump: Incline Bench Press / High Row Machine.
Precision: Cable Flies / Reverse Cable Flies.
Lower Body Power: Bend At Knee (Squats or Lunges) / Hinge At Hip (Deadlifts).
Lower Body Pump: Calf Raises / Hamstring Curls.
Posture: Machine Side Lateral Raises / Face Pulls.
More Pump: Decline Bench Press / Upright Rows.
Arms Pump: Triceps / Biceps.
I’m going to throw in the option of doing Abs / Obliques instead of arms on this split, if you like.

I’m sure you can work out Split 3 and 4 from here?

Rep Ranges as follows:

Power: 2 sets 10 – 12 reps, 2 sets 8 – 10 reps, 2 sets 6 – 8 reps.
Precision: 4 sets of 10 – 12 reps.
Pump: 4 sets of 12 – 16 reps.
Posture: Swap back & forth between 4 sets of 10 – 12, and 4 sets of 12 – 16 reps.



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