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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Power, Precision, Pump & Posture

Power, Precision, Pump & Posture

Here. We. Go! with another brand new movement based resistance training program for… well, as the name implies.

This is an EIGHT DAY split program. I do mine with no days off, because… what else do I do, really? A day off from gym is no fun for me. With that being said, you can’t just go in and smash heavy weights, day in day out. You do need a chance to recover… so, I decided rather than take an actual day off, I’d put in an extra split for some lighter weight / higher rep range stuff to really get the blood pumping into those muscles.

Isn’t that over training, though?

Nah. Well… not for ME anyway, because I eat a LOT. For normal people though I am going to suggest breaking the routine up with an active recovery day (eg go for a walk or something) here, and a cardio / interval training day there. So, we’ll have two versions of this routine; the No Days Off version and the “I’m not actually insane with nothing else on my mind but training” version for the rest of you.

Multiple Angle Movement Based Training.

I just invented that description. Pretty cool, eh?

You’re no doubt aware that for a long time now I’ve been into movement based training, with a push day and a pull day. Depending on which one of my programs you’re following, you might do both horizontal and vertical pushing (or pulling) on the same day, or on different splits. With this program I suddenly realised, what about the 45 degree angle between horizontal and vertical? Or the 45 degree angle between horizontal and the floor?

I want to smash those major muscle groups from EVERY angle. Really I’d been doing this anyway by using a variety of exercises and pieces of equipment from week to week in the gym, but on this program I wanted to make it official and have all the angles scheduled into the program. This way, it’s like I always say… the program needs to be balanced, and generally speaking whatever we do in one direction we are going to want to do something equivalent in the opposite direction the next day.


First, lets look at these movements including those 45 degree angles we mentioned, and what exercises we might want to use for them.

  • Horizontal: Flat Bench Press (Pushing) & Seated Cable Rows (Pulling)
  • Vertical: Dumbbell Shoulder Press & Latt Pulldown
  • High Angle: Incline Bench Press & High Machine Rows
  • Low Angle: Decline Bench Press & Upright Rows

Those are our power moves in this program, for obvious reasons. As always, choose your favourite exercise (or choose on the fly) as long as it is appropriate to the specified movement pattern.


You all know by now that I’ll usually want to follow up a Power Movement with a complementary Precision Movement. Usually this is what is considered an Isolation Exercise, and in the context of this program the idea is to really pay attention to your technique and ask yourself “what technique produces the most intense muscle contraction on this exercise”?

These exercises usually have the added benefit of providing a dynamic stretch the muscle groups we’ve just smashed with our Power moves. I’m thinking Dumbbell Flies as a good example. Go lighter on the weights, focus on your technique, and get through a full 12 reps.


This is the higher rep range stuff, as described earlier. If you’re doing the No Days Off version of the program then you’ll be doing some higher rep days in between your heavy lifting “power” splits. Even on the Power days though, I like to do an extra Pump version of one of the power moves. For example if my power move was Incline Bench Press, I might also do some Decline Press with a higher rep range later in the workout. To be honest, some days there is not enough fuel left in the tank for this, but we have to try our best!

Also the Pump section is in reference to training biceps and triceps aka arms. Really your arms are getting worked hard enough already with our main Power movements at the start of the session, but lets throw in some extra, higher rep range isolation exercises for either biceps or triceps to finish off with. Just for good measure!

Catch the rest of the details on page 2 and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is my best free resistance training program ever!




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