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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Personal progress report

Personal progress report

It has been a little while between entries! I didn’t really have anything in mind to write about as far as official fitness articles go, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately instead.

As you might have noticed, it is winter now. So, winter is the time to try to gain some weight, for me anyway. You might recall that I did the same thing last year, and I put on 6kg of muscle in 6 months. Actually I ended up putting on another 8 or 9 kg before I started trimming up again last February and dropped 5… ending up quite lean and 10kg of muscle heavier than at the start of the previous year. So… that’s how it works. Build up, trim a little, then start building up some more.

I’m not sure I can add 10kg of muscle this year (since I went from quite skinny to techically 10kg overweight already!) but I’d like to add 5 and end up at a nice lean 85kg by summer. More would be nice, but I’ll be quite happy to end up at 85.

So far it is going pretty well.

As you know, I’m dividing my time between Doherty’s Gym in Brunswick, and Victory Fitness in Trafalgar. Today I weighed in at 83kg, up 4kg from a month or two ago. We’re about to start stocking supplements at Victory Fitness, and I’ve order myself two great big tubs of “Elite Mass”, which I’m going to get stuck into. I think I could get up as high as 90kg on this stuff by the end of winter, which will put me in a good position to trim back down to my lean goal weight.

Training progress.

I wrote about my new version of the Progressive Power Program a few entries back, which I’ve renamed “preposterous power” since it is so crazy and brutal. Basically I took my progressive power 4 day split program, and crammed everything into two days. But then I added even more stuff to it! It’s actually quite horrible to get through such a workload, but the results speak for themselves.

Today I hit a new personal best on dumbbell (incline) bench press, 42.5kg in each hand for 7 reps. I would have liked 8, but would have been satisfied with 6… so 7 was more than satisfactory. I think I’ll be pushing 45kg each hand by next week or the week after. That’s a pretty big deal for a little guy like me!

Last year (as documented in the entry I linked to above) I was very methodical in my attempts to increase the amount of weight I could lift. This year I’ve really just gone with the flow and gone by feel. Do a set, and then if I’m thinking “hmm, I could have handled more” I grab the next heavier set of dumbbells and go again.

It’s all coming together nicely!

Preposterous Power

I have a few clients doing this program with me in the various gyms, and also a few online clients following the program around the world. The results are all the same, increased strength, more muscle, less fat!

I always say… you get bigger by eating bigger. So, if you’re not trying to get bigger, eat to maintain your goal weight and then lift heavy! If you’re not eating enough to get bigger, you can only gain a kilo of muscle by losing a kilo of fat.

Don’t forget; the Preposterous Power 2 day split program card (amongst others!) is available for purchase through the website. It’s not very expensive either! Check it out and get great results!



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