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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

How your beliefs influence your choice of weight loss program.

How your beliefs influence your choice of weight loss program.

Something I have studied recently is belief systems, limiting thoughts and their effects on us all when it is time to take action and follow through on pursuing a goal. Increasing I am of the opinion that belief is a major issue, and plays a part in the decisions people make in regard to what program, strategy or approach they will adopt. This is actually the only way I can make sense of a lot of the choices that people make in relation to weight loss.

Simply put, if people do not believe that they can possibly succeed, they will be likely to adopt a strategy that you would not expect to work. Seems silly? Think about all the ridiculous “fitness” products you see advertised on the television… surely your reaction to those products is “why would anyone think this would work?”. Someone has to be buying them though, or they’d quit making them, right?

Whether consciously or sub-consciously, we’ll gravitate towards a decision or approach that reaffirms what we already believe about ourselves.

So, I’ll talk a lot about hitting the gym for a nice weights session, tracking your calories and so forth. I’ll explain why it works best, how it’s actually pretty easy, and how if you follow my advice you’ll get the result you’re after. Straight down the line, no excuses and no bullshit! That’s how I roll! A lot of the time though… people are going to read this stuff and think “ok, it makes sense, I can see how it would work. I’ve read the testimonials as well.. but eh… that’s just not ME… I’ll just do [whatever] instead”. Usually, something you wouldn’t expect to work. Quite often something I wrote an article debunking a week earlier!

Something I talk about in my online products is that in most cases when we talk about a weight loss program, all we’re talking about is getting back down to the sort of weight nature intended you to be. From there we can get more specific or more ambitious but “normal weight” is the first priority. Now, you guys already know how I feel about the diet industry (scam artists exploiting vulnerable people) but disregarding any of that unhelpful nonsense there is no reason why we can’t expect to reach a weight range that is in accord with nature and human evolution, by consuming actual foods in appropriate amounts. More simply put; do what you’re supposed to do and you’ll end up the size you’re supposed to be.

The above paragraph is important because it’s easy to slip into negative thinking that you’re “not supposed to be thinner” or whatever. In actual fact, you’re the end result of hundreds of thousands of years of successful evolution, you are supposed to be lean, fit, strong and healthy – more so than your ancestors. Instead though, our modern lifestyles and food choices have taken us in the opposite direction.

In most cases, we only need to get back into accord with nature to once again become the size and shape that nature intended us to be. Believe that! Of course when I talk about doing what is natural, I’m NOT talking about starvation diets, meal replacement, or anything extreme or excessive.

When you’re considering your options… even if you still don’t believe you’re cut out to maintain a normal weight with your desired body composition, humour me for a minute. If you DID believe, what course of action would you take? We’re not asking “what’s something I could see myself doing”, or something you imagine other people in your condition might do. Not some half hearted or short term effort either. If you really believed you could be successful, what would you do?

Begin with the end in mind.

Imagine someone who is already in the exact condition that you would like to achieve. Your height, age and gender, but at your goal weight and body type. And also happy. What would they be doing to stay in that condition?

People IN shape are not usually on starvation diets or doing excessive amounts of training. They’re just doing what’s required. Eating to fuel their training and lifestyle while supporting a lean healthy weight. If you can take an intelligent guess (or better yet, ask someone who knows) at what it would take to stay in that kind of shape, would there be any sense in opting for some other nutrition or training strategy instead?

Remember my catch phrase: Do What Is Actually Required!



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