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New program: Preposterous Power 2012

New program: Preposterous Power 2012

You guys and girls all remember my Preposterous Power 2 day split program from a while back, right?

Well, I’m currently following an updated version of this, which I’ll describe below. Since it is winter and I’m eating lots and trying to gain weight, I figure I can really take things up a notch in the gym. As always when I write a program for myself, I’m thinking about which parts need extra attention, which parts need less attention, and so on. With this program I’m only going to hit my traps once a week, I don’t bother with any arm work, and I haven’t deliberately targeted my front delts in years… but pretty much every other muscle group is going to get SMASHED every other day.

So here we go! This is what I would describe as a Triple 2 Day Split Program.

Just like in the original version (and for that matter, all of my 2 day splits) we’ll be doing a push day, and a pull day. Push day is really just chest and quads, plus middle delts and calves. Pull day is back, hamstrings, glutes, rear delts, traps once a week, and I’ll do deadlifts twice a week. My traps have progressed nicely this year, as have my rear delts… but the rear delts still need to catch up further so I have planned accordingly. Your needs may well be different!

On the first split I’m going to utilise pyramid sets of 12, 10, 8, 10, 12 reps on my main horizontal pushing or pulling exercise. I’m thinking dumbbell press and either seated cable row or 1 arm dumbbell row, but I’m going to mix it up.

On the second split, it’s 2 sets of 10 – 12 reps and then another 2 sets of 8 – 10 reps.

On the third split I’ll do 2 sets of 6 – 8, and 2 sets of 4 – 6 reps. You can see I’m really mixing it up this time with the rep ranges, and the choice of exercises will vary from one split to another as well. It won’t always be the same exercises on the same split either.

So on Push day we’ll have the following;

  • Warm up.
  • Main horizontal pushing / chest exercise.
  • Another chest (isolation) exercise.
  • Legs (compound) exercise (squats, leg press, etc).
  • Another leg exercise (usually either leg extension or calf press / raise).
  • Something extra for chest
  • Something for middle delts.

Then on Pull day, it goes like this;

  • Warm up.
  • Main horizontal pulling / back exercise.
  • Another exercise for back &/or rear delts.
  • Hip bending exercise, for example deadlifts, or single leg hip thrusts.
  • Hamstring curls.
  • Vertical pulling exercise.
  • Something for traps, or another rear delt exercise.

Generally sets of 8 – 12 reps for everything other than the main horizontal movements. You could use the strategies above for the leg and hip compound movements as well though.

Get stuck into it!



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