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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

New product: Introduction to Resistance Training program

New product: Introduction to Resistance Training program

Here’s a brand new product I’m launching for April.

It’s for everyone who wants to get started with resistance training, strength training, body building, body sculpting, aesthetics, composition, whatever you want to call it!

First of all, in case you missed the other 8 million times; here’s why you need to be doing weight training!

Whether you are trying to get BIGGER, or trying to get SMALLER… other types of exercise are only going to bring you so far. I get a LOT of clients (especially online PT clients) who are super active, probably more fit than I am (!) but not seeing the results that they really want – until I get them to start weight training!

In the very simplest terms, rather than just trying to burn off calories; with weight training we are forcing our body to UTILISE those calories to build the firm, toned, attractive physique that we want. Once we dial in our nutrition and consume the appropriate amount of calories to maintain our goal weight, the body HAS TO reduce fat stores in order to keep building muscle. So imagine being at your goal weight (especially if you’re looking to lose weight) but still with the same ratio of fat to muscle that you have now – still a bit squishy and a bit jiggly. Not such a great result, right? But with weight training, you will end up at your goal weight with less fat and more muscle tone.

Perfect, right?

Here’s the thing. A good program should cover all of the natural human movements. I’ve talked about this a LOT in the past on the blog and in all of my products and programs.

To recap, we’re talking about:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Pulling Movements
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pushing Movements
  • Bending / Extending at the Knees
  • Bending / Extending at the Hips

We also add in a whole heap of what you might call secondary or accessory exercises to complement these, and we can custom pick these exercises to address weakness or short comings (whether real or imagined!) in our physique. This includes correcting postural issues and so on.

Here’s the issue though. When we talk about “bending at the knee” (lets say barbell squats), a lot of people just can’t walk into the gym on day one and get this movement down. It’s a natural human movement that all humans in their natural habitat (lets say if we were cave people or something) would be doing every day… but with modern western (especially office work) lifestyles… not so much. And as for bending at the hips (think deadlifts)… forget about it! These are arguably the most important exercises to get stuck into, but you need to work up to them sensibly.

SO, that’s what this¬†introductory¬†program is about. We start off with bodyweight exercises as well as resistance machines, and progress to free weights and cable systems. We utilise various specific exercises to prepare us for the big compound movements described above, by engaging the supporting muscles as well as working on improving our range of motion to perform these exercises in a safe and correct manner. So, we divide our time between working on form and function with body weight movements, and working on strength with the resistance / leverage machines. Once we’re ready, we start doing both at once with the classic bodybuilding / power lifting exercises.

So, that’s three weeks on the introductory program, and then we move on to a customised version of one of my more advanced programs, adapted to suit your requirements.

I have some room left over so just for fun lets have a look at the “big three” compound exercises we’ll be working towards. I only film myself if I’m going for a personal best attempt… you’ll start off a bit lighter than this!

First off our Horizontal Push exercise; flat barbell bench press. Enjoy my sister’s commentary on this one!

Next up, bending and extending at the hips. Deadlift!

This is a great lift to practice for OHS reasons, so you know how to lift things safely at work, home or anywhere else.

Finally just for laughs here’s an ATTEMPT at a personal best squat that was a little bit over ambitious! I did manage ONE rep!

Scared off by the big lifts? Don’t be! As I say, we work up to these gradually. Besides, this stuff is so much more fun that it looks! You’ll love it I promise.


Ok here are your options;

  1. Budget Plan: 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks, then 4 sessions the final week.
    Total of 10 sessions: $500
    If you REALLY want results, do everything again on an extra 2 days without me.
  2. Extra Value Plan: 4 sessions per week for 4 weeks, and I’ll give you a $4 discount each session.
    Total of 16 sessions: eh call it $735.
  3. Super Special Plan: 4 sessions per week for 5 weeks, save a total of $100!
    Total of 20 sessions: $900

Of course, if you can’t actually get to Brunswick to train with me you can always order the exercise program card for only 10 bucks!

Want more?

Weight loss clients, I will give you my No Bullshit, No Excuses e-book usually priced at $150 for absolutely free! Read up on this one, it’s weight management FOR LIFE with no stupid crash diets or any scam products! Worth it’s weight in gold!
Weight gain clients, we’ll get your nutritional requirements sorted too!

Think of this as a one off investment to get you started. By the end of the 4 (or 5) weeks you should be perfectly confident to continue training unsupervised. But of course if you want to keep training with me, that’s awesome too!



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