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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

How to get the best value for money with Personal Training

How to get the best value for money with Personal Training

You can’t really put a price on being healthy, happier, and most importantly of all, having an amazing body.

Unfortunately though… you CAN put a price on how much you can afford to spend on PT while still meeting your every day financial obligations such as oh… I don’t know… bills, groceries, rent and so forth. Well, maybe you’re a super successful career person and now you want to be super successful in getting into amazing shape as well, and money’s not really an issue… lets talk! But for everyone else, here’s how to make it work on your budget.

We get more bang for the buck in two ways;

Get the best possible results.

To get the best possible results from training, some of it is down to your trainer, but mostly it is down to you!

  1. Make sure your training plan suits your goals.
    There’s no point focussing on cardio if your goal is increased muscle mass, right?
  2. Try your very hardest in training.
    Don’t be one of these people dragging their feet through the workout because they’re embarrassed or whatever. The body of your dreams is there for the taking. Grab it with both hands! Training with me, you only have to try hard for about 40 seconds anyway, and then rest for a minute. Piece of cake! Wait… forget the cake. That’s a bad analogy.
  3. Hit your nutritional targets!
    I cannot stress this one enough. It’s not the old school “nothing but boiled chicken and brocoli” approach, but you still gotta make sure you’re eating in the right range to support your goal physique / healthy weight range. That’s a “no less than this – no more than this” range of calories. Hit your macronutrient ratios too. This is real easy these days with free apps available on the internet and on your smart phone.
    Remember, you can’t out-train a bad diet!
  4. Train more often!
    You can’t really expect a huge change in body composition from hitting the weights just once a week, can you? And especially if you keep cancelling your session due scheduling conflicts. You need to LOCK IN at least 2 sessions a week and when I say LOCK IN, I mean they do not get cancelled for any reason. More sessions is even better, we’ll talk about how to afford more sessions next.

Actually reducing the cost of Personal Training.

Obviously a trainer is trying to pay the bills and put food on the table (in my case, rather a LOT of food) just like anyone else. And generally we’re proud people who think our time and expertise is valuable so haggling on price doesn’t usually go down so well. But with that being said, here are some good ways to save.

  1. Buy more sessions, train more often.
    Most trainers will give you a discount if you buy a “pack” of sessions as opposed to just one at a time. If you plan on training with a PT regularly, this is definitely the way to go.
  2. Refer a friend.
    I don’t know if other trainers do this, but I think they should. Sales and marketing is a pain in the arse and I hate it! I just want to be in the gym with people!
    So if you’re a good client, and you have a friend who’ll also be a good client; here, have a whopping great big discount!
  3. Share sessions with a friend.
    Similar to above… most trainers will let you train with your friend, partner, colleague or whoever. It might not be “two for the price of one” (hey, it’s harder to train two people!) but it’s still a pretty huge saving. Plus your friend is there! That’s extra fun, motivation and support.
  4. Get a program you can follow without the trainer.
    Are you following me here? There’s nothing wrong with asking a trainer to take you on for a couple of weeks so you can learn the program, and then continue without him/her for a while until it’s time for a new program. Or alternatively, ask if you can do 2 sessions a week with the trainer, and get some extra stuff to do at home or in the gym on the other days.

Number 4 above is the big one. The vast majority of trainers will be happy to give you homework if you ask for it, and should be able to explain WHY you are doing each exercise and so forth. Once you’ve learned the program and can perform the exercises, the trainer is there to keep you motivated, share your enthusiasm, help you to keep progressing, and make further changes to the program as may be necessary. But really, if they have done their job you should be thinking “well I guess I don’t NEED to keep having PT, but it’s enjoyable and I can afford it so I’ll sign up for more!” On the other hand if you’ve been training for a while and feel like your PT has kept you in the dark and you still don’t know what you’re doing… you should consider finding a new trainer!



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