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How to beat emotional, late night eating?

How to beat emotional, late night eating?

I promised some people an in depth post about emotional eating, binge eating, late night eating and so on. I’ve had a fair amount of success helping people to get on top of such “problems”.

How though? Well, I can emphasise with people because I’m not a total emotionless cyborg, but I am IN NO WAY qualified to act as a psychologist or counselor. So I don’t try.

I can tell you what matters when it comes to chasing down a weight management or body condition goal though. I can tell you what makes a difference one way or another, good or bad.

If your USUAL habits are in line with your goal, you will make progress towards your goal. Missing a day of training, indulging at a social event, having a bad day and saying “fuck it I want ice cream” or whatever. AT THE VERY WORST this is a bump in the road. Generally speaking your habits are still in accordance with your goal for the most part, most of the time. You will still make progress and you will achieve your goal in due course.

If you are NOT making progress, the issue is with your regular habits… not with the odd day where you did something different.

As to binge eating… I believe there is something of a danger in self diagnoses of a binge eating disorder, which can be something of a self fulfilling prophecy. I wrote recently on my facebook about the “one diet mistake” that causes all of these problems and inevitable failure in sticking to your plan. And that mistake is in trying to stick to an insufficient and inadequate total energy intake. In other words, you aint eating enough.

In many cases what we really have is an issue of failing to plan to meet an appropriate total intake from our meals during the day. Or in simpler terms, you don’t eat enough early on, you end up ravenous, try to resist because you’ve “gotta have will power”, right? And eventually you end up demolishing everything in sight. Why though? Because you were hungry. Because you hadn’t eaten enough.

Plan to meet an appropriate intake during the day, on a meal schedule that suits you. The problem most likely will be resolved.

Act in accordance with your goal. This does not mean starvation and restriction. It means appropriate total intake and effective training. Be a consistent as possible, as often as possible.

This is very simple.

The way a lot of people talk, it’s as if they think magical fairies come in while you’re asleep and transform you if you’ve been a good enough boy or girl for long enough and deserve a reward for being so disciplined… but not if you ever had a bad day or enjoyed yourself at supper time. That’s a load of nonsense.

The solution isn’t to be more disciplined and never give in to a craving or eat emotionally again. The solution is to realise that in terms of your body condition goals, it really doesn’t make much (if any) difference in the long run so long as you don’t throw in the towel.

Ask my clients about it, and they’ll tell you “I don’t even feel like I’m trying very hard and I still lose weight”. That’s what I’m talking about.

Want to learn more?

Having an effective training strategy and a plan to meet appropriate intake targets rather than missing meals is the simple answer to so many food and body confidence issues that are so prevalent today. Jump over to my Flexible Dieting page and drop your details in the box to receive the new information series for free, as well as an offer for a free consultation with me.



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