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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Holistic Personal Training

Holistic Personal Training

This isn’t just for all the new agers and modern day hippies out there. Simply put, the idea of taking a “holistic” approach to something is in viewing it is as a singular system, rather than viewing each aspect separately.

In holistic health this translates to not just treating the symptoms the client may present with, but looking further to find what may the root cause of the problem. For example  nutrition, sleeping patterns and stress levels might be considered. Stress in particular can manifest itself as physical pain in the form of muscle cramps and other complaints. By identifying and resolving the true source of a problem we can then make the necessary lifestyle changes required to prevent a re-occurrence.

We can apply this principle to training in two ways.

Firstly – to really get great results from a training program, it takes more than just putting in a good effort in the gym. Assuming we train for an hour every day, there’s another 23 hours of the day to consider. It will take more than just an hour in the gym to “out-train” a terrible diet, high stress levels and lack of sleep – although training is certainly a good way to help manage those stress levels. Rather than just thinking about “getting into training”, we should be working on building a healthy lifestyle on all fronts.

And secondly as I’ve discussed in the past, the benefits of training go far beyond just the physical adaptations of improved strength and fitness. The improvements in health, energy levels, self image and general feeling of well being that comes from training carries across into all aspects of life, with a cumulative or snowball effect building momentum and taking your life to a new level of happiness and success.

Whether you are at a point in your life where you feel you are on top of the world, successful in all areas and generally happy EXCEPT you wish you were in a bit better shape, OR you’re at the other end of the scale where you feel like nothing is going your way, regular training & good nutrition (especially with a holistic approach) WILL dramatically impact all areas of your life in a positive manner.

How was holistic training differ physically from regular training?

Good question! Holistic shouldn’t be an excuse for not pushing yourself and breaking a sweat! To really get results from any training program, the object should be to push yourself close to your physical limits and make steady progress. This could mean regularly increasing the amount of weight you can lift, or the distance you can cover in a given period of time.

By holistic training I’m not suggestion a different form of, or approach to physical exercise, rather we’re simply not focusing solely on training to the exclusion of all the other lifestyle factors that require attention.

Stay tuned I will have a LOT more on this subject in the weeks to come.



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