Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Here’s the scoop on my new Referral Rewards System

Here’s the scoop on my new Referral Rewards System

Save On Personal Training In BrunswickAlso known as my Social Media Special. ALSO known as the best damn deal you are ever going to hear about.

I’ve got my own way of doing things in the gym, and my own way of running the business side of things too. So at the start of year I asked myself two questions, as follows:

  1. How can I make sure all of my clients get better results than they would anywhere else?
  2. How can I do this and keep things affordable?

Well affordable is easy except that I do need to make a living from the business, so that’s three questions I guess. Fortunately I am a VERY smart man and I figured this out.

First up let’s talk about what you get.

RESULTS. You get results!

I’m so bad at marketing that I’ll go ahead and point something out about any product or service including Personal Training. It’s only good value if it actually does what you want it to do, and produces the desired result. So, it’s not about price, it’s not about longer sessions, it’s not about fun and variety of exercises… it is about providing a system that produces a specific result within a set period of time.

And that’s what I do. At the first consultation and tour of the gym, I’ll tell you “this is how much you will weigh in three months from now. Here’s what you will weigh this time next year if you continue training with me, or even if you use what you’ve learned with me to keep training on your own”.

Recommended Package.

I have a few different options available depending on your budget. Here’s the recommended package:

  • 5 x Personal Training Sessions the first week, to get you off to the perfect start.
  • 2 x Personal Training Sessions each week.
  • My instructions for 3 x unsupervised training sessions each week.
  • My custom Calorie & Macronutrient recommendations to achieve your goal weight without feeling like you are on a diet.
  • Ongoing Education, Motivation and Support.

Of course if you want to train with me every day that’s awesome and I have a great package available that is probably more affordable than you’d expect. The package above is designed to ensure results and actually comes in at a lower cost per week than I used to charge for a couple of casual sessions.

Why? Because I want to look after the people who are serious about results! People like YOU, am I right?

Now the Referral System.

I can almost guarantee that within a couple of months (at the most) people are going to start asking you why you look so awesome and seem so happy all of a sudden. When this starts happening, tell ’em what’s up and when they decide to get on your level by signing up to train with me, I’ll give you (and them) 20% off.

It gets better. If you refer three new clients, I’ll give them all 20% off and you can have a crazy 70% off. Even if you refer one new client and they refer three, you still get 70% off.

Why? I told you already. It’s all about looking after the people who are serious about results. Do you know how happy it makes me when a client is following my advice, getting amazing results and singing my praises to all of their friends and workmates who want to follow their example? Hell I’d train people like that for free if I could, but a man has gotta eat!

I have a limit of 10 clients at a time on this system so get in early while their are places still available!



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