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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

There are now over 30,000 people doing my free online weight loss program.

There are now over 30,000 people doing my free online weight loss program.

Progress photos from just one of my happy DHPT Online Coaching clients.

That’s probably not really true though. At the time of writing, the free weight loss program website is currently closing in on 35,000 views. I can’t be certain on exactly how many of those people have actually read up on everything and started training… but if the amount of fan mail (yep, fan mail!) I’ve been getting is any indication it’s quite a respectable number.

So, I’m getting fan mail and developing something of a cult following on the internet. Here’s some other cool things that have been happening as well:

  • Other weight loss blogs are quoting my articles and directing their followers to the program.
  • Dodgy weight loss sites are stealing photos of my clients and claiming credit for their progress (this one is actually not so cool).
  • There’s at least a couple of other trainers and aspiring trainers studying up on the information because it’s GOOD STUFF and they don’t seem to teach it in the certification courses for god knows what reason.
  • Oh and of course, people are getting great results and the ones who can afford it then upgrade to the modestly priced DHPT Via  Email program.

Latest progress photo from my #1 fan and star of my Online Personal Training programs.

People told me I was mad for starting a FREE program but here’s what they didn’t understand. I work with a relatively small amount of clients in person, and I also work closely with a small amount online. Right now I have room in my schedule for a couple more, but my business model doesn’t call for a large amount of clients.

As to finding those clients though… I shared an article on the DHPT Facebook yesterday, explaining how especially when it comes to females the fitness industry is all about sales, and not very much about results. Gyms are built on offering the classes and equipment that appeal to female members, regardless of how little they do to actually address their goals. As a personal trainer we’re taught to stay on top of all the latest industry trends and offer whatever the prospective client might be interested in doing, in order to get the sale. And as an online business, we are supposed to offer a little for free, but only once people have signed up with their email address so that you now have the opportunity to keep spamming them about how they need to upgrade to get the top secret information they really need.

Well I’m not interested in doing any of that, and in fact it is precisely because I don’t do any of that that I can produce such results for my clients, both online and in person. The tricky part is that while everyone knows what you’re “supposed to” do to lose weight and get into shape, it’s not until you throw all of that out the window that you will really succeed and be happy with your results. So, many people will come to a trainer already knowing what sort of a program they want to do, or convinced that what they are already doing is correct even though it is not producing results. In many cases they’re looking for something similar to what they’ve done in the past, but with a new coach and in a new location. Because they know that’s what you’re supposed to do, even though it didn’t work all those other times.

Oh, look who else is doing my program now with amazing results!

So as far as Online Personal Training and Coaching goes… it’s like I have always said; “DHPT is for people who want results”, and it’s for people who want to find a program that will produce results, rather than a program that fits in with what they’ve been told in the past. So if I do get an “I want to lose weight, but I want to do it like this…” type of message, or a “here’s what I’ve been doing but why isn’t it working?” type of message, I can give a brief explanation and then direct them to the free program where everything is explained in detail.

Now if they’re not ready to follow the free program for some reason…. well, if I was a real business man with a background in sales I’m sure I’d be able to talk people out of their money and sell them the Online Coaching program even though I know they’re not ready to follow it. If I had a background in counselling and psychology, maybe I could get to the bottom of what’s holding them back from leaving failed attempts with flawed strategies in the past, and joining the sensible few who are doing what it actually takes to get what they want. But what I am actually? An ex-bouncer. An ex-bouncer who happens to have a (probably) unmatched understanding of how to produce tremendous results with the most simple, common sense approach. And also I can write words good, but if people aren’t ready or willing to follow a simple free program with proven results for a few weeks before they make up their mind about paying for Online Personal Training, I don’t really have the time or the temperament to coax them into it.

So if anything, the free online program is something of a qualifying process to ensure people are actually ready to become a DHPT Online Coaching client.

Now that I’ve answered all of your questions about the free program, you know the program is legit, and you can see the results in the photos here, I have a question for you; What’s stopping you from getting started on the road to success, right now? Hit the Online  PT link, now.



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