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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Free DHPT “Next Level” resistance training program

Free DHPT “Next Level” resistance training program

I decided to hit you all with the details of my “Next Level” training program for FREE, just because that’s how I roll.

This is the program that I created to follow up the very very popular DHPT Progressive Power Program which is available as part of my Online Personal Training packages.  You could go straight to the Next Level program from whatever you’re doing right now (even if you’re doing nothing at all) and expect some great results.

One thing I talked about at the start of the year which has been new for me is sticking with my programs for longer than before. In the past I might have changed programs every 6 weeks or so… where as now, well, the year is half way over and all I have used is Progressive Power and now Next Level. And of course, I’ve gotten better results this year than ever before.

What makes this program so special?

As you’re about to see, this is rather a unique program, as there are no specified exercises or rep ranges (on the main exercises, anyway).

When we talk about “getting results” from training, what we are referring to is the body adapting to the form of exercise. For example, we lift heavy weights and the body adapts by becoming stronger. It does this by building muscle and as a nice side effect, we tend to look and feel more attractive with nicely toned muscles and less body fat. So to get these results, consistency is the key. But at the same time, variety is also important.

Lau Tsu said that “true words often seem contradictory”.

To get results we need to stick to our program consistently, so that our body gets the message and adapts. We want our body to adapt! However, if we just do the same things week in week out, we stop getting results because our body has adapted or in other words gotten used to what we are doing. So, we don’t want our body to adapt!

Rather I should say “we want our body to CONTINUE to adapt”, and to do this we need to find that balance between consistency and variety. And that is what Next Level is all about.

Get On My Level with the DHPT Next Level Training Program.

Next Level is similar to Progressive Power in that it is a MOVEMENT BASED program. So rather than for example doing a 5 day split where we have chest day, back day, leg day and so on… we break things down into natural human movements and use each movement as the focus for a day’s training.

The main movements human beings need to be able to perform are as follows: pushing, pulling, bending at the knee, and bending at the hips. I further break pushing and pulling down into vertical and horizontal movements, and by basing our exercise program on these movements we are assured of a balanced, full body work out that promotes good posture as well as symmetry and proportionality of the different body parts. In contrast you can probably imagine that an unbalanced program (which over trains some muscle groups while neglecting others) would have the opposite effect.

On to the program;

For example on Monday let’s do Pushing movements… more specifically let’s focus on horizontal pushing for the upper body, and also bending at the knees for some pushing with the legs. On top of this I also like to throw in an isolation exercise for any body part that I feel needs some extra attention.

So on Monday I might do barbell press as my horizontal pushing (it could be dumbbell press, machine press, push ups, whatever I feel like on the day), and then another chest exercise such as dumbbell flys, cable crossovers or whatever takes my fancy. After this I’ll go and do something for legs, which might be squats or leg press… lately I have been doing a variation of Bulgarian Split Squats using a Hammersmith machine which I find absolutely torturous, but it seems to be doing the job of inspiring some growth in my legs.

So in thinking of MOVEMENTS rather than specific exercises we can keep some variety and spontaneity in our work out, as we can choose any exercise which utilises that movement. This helps keep things interesting, and it’s also good if the gym is a bit busy and you might otherwise have to wait around for a particular piece of equipment.

Continuing through the week, on Tuesdays we’ll do the exact opposite movements of what we did on Monday. So rather than a horizontal push, we work the opposing muscle groups with the opposing movement, using any pulling exercise such as for example a seated cable row, machine row, bent over barbell row and so forth. Rather than the triceps exercise we will do something for biceps, and rather than a pushing leg exercise, we’ll do a pulling movement with the legs such as a laying leg curl.

Read on for the details of the DHPT Next Level Training Program including rep ranges and example exercises.



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