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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Food is awesome, why would you deprive yourself of it?

Food is awesome, why would you deprive yourself of it?

So I was watching my favourite morning television show the other day while having my 1000… oh wait, lets start at the beginning!

Since Summer is officially over I’m starting the next period in my training plan. As you might be aware, in Spring I cut right back on calories and was successful in getting into my best shape ever in time for summer. So then over summer I worked back up to maintenance levels of calories and managed to achieve some significant strength gains while staying lean. If anything, at the end of Spring I felt that I was bit too skinny so now that Autumn is here, I’ve upped the calories again and I’ll be trying to add some size through the winter before going back into fat loss mode next Spring. This is called “periodisation”, or in plain English you might just say “having a long term training strategy”.

So anyway, as I was saying… I was watching tv while enjoying my 1000 calorie (that’s not a typo!) breakfast and this infomercial came on. Now, I’ve already ranted in my blogs about the exercise equipment they sell on these infomercials, but this one was about a drink that mimics the effects of lap band surgery by taking up a heap of space in your stomach, so that you “can hardly eat anything at all”.

Don’t even get me started on lap band surgery, that’s a whole different level of offensive to me! But in this infomercial there’s people talking about how they can now only manage 1 or 2 slices instead of a whole family sized pizza, and things like that.

Not eating an entire family sized pizza to yourself is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But it got me thinking. When you choose your meals wisely you can actually eat a hell of a lot without the calories taking yourself into weight gain territory. Of course, when you eat junk food the opposite is true – the calories add up to a huge amount very quickly, and we all know the end results; Weight gain and health complications from being overweight or obese.

So you could get lap band surgery or take this drink to fill up your stomach so that you eat less, but this is actually a really unhealthy way to lose weight. Especially if you’re still choosing unhealthy meals. Think about it this way, you may be getting less calories due to eating less, but what about nutrients? Vitamins, minerals, fibre? These are ESSENTIAL for good health, and you get them by EATING. Specifically by eating healthy foods.

It just occurred to me that the concept of filling up the stomach with something without many calories to prevent overconsumption of higher calorie foods isn’t actually all that new, and you can do it a lot cheaper the old fashioned way. And come to think of it, the old fashioned way also provides you with plenty of those nutrients we talked about before.

What is this older more cost effective technology I’m referring to? Well I’m glad you asked! They’re called… wait for it… VEGETABLES! And no, I’m not saying “nothing but rabbit food all day”. Just include some on the side to make sure you’re full, and stay off the junk food snacks.

Guys and girls, the choice between weight loss and weight gain is NOT a choice between starvation and gluttony. Work out your requirements, come up with a meal plan, and you’ll find you can eat a lot of enjoyable healthy meals and be healthier and happier. And you can probably still get away with some of the less healthy stuff on occasion as well.

It just takes a tiny bit of effort and a tiny bit of will power. What’s the problem here?



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