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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Exercise vs Training, Diet vs Nutrition

Exercise vs Training, Diet vs Nutrition

So a couple of weeks ago I set up a DHPT Clients Gallery over on Facebook featuring a handful of happy and successful people who have been following my DHPT Coaching Via Email Online Personal Training program.

Since then, it has been good. The gallery on facebook got a heap of hits, the free introductory program has exploded out to 62,000 views, and a couple of the before and after pics went viral on the blogosphere with close enough to 6000 shares, and everyone wants to know how they did it. Well, I’m going to tell you exactly how they did it so strap yourself in and pay attention.

First up, I’ve said many times that nothing special or out of the ordinary is required to get into normal, healthy shape. Normal healthy shape is the shape we’re all supposed to be in, not being in that sort of shape is what requires something out of the ordinary. Normal eating habits and a normal level of activity (aka a little exercise) results in being in normal shape. Right? Obviously.

If you take a look at that gallery I linked to above though, what you’ll see is female human beings in a “better than normal” physical condition. Not just on a superficial, aesthetic level either, because in pursuit of that aesthetic goal they have trained far beyond normal levels of strength and endurance. Which is not to say that any of this is beyond the reach of your every day average human being out there in the streets today, but it is something you have to work at strategically and methodically.

What I just described above is the difference between merely exercising and actually training. The difference between thinking diet and thinking nutrition is similar, diet usually just means surviving on as little intake as possible. Nutrition is about the ideal amount (and ratios) of intake to allow the best results from training.

As I have written about in the past, to achieve a specific goal requires a specific course of action. That means the appropriate training program and the appropriate nutrition guidelines, not just random exercises. Even getting the exercises right is only a part of the equation… so when people ask “how did you get your butt to look like that”, it’s not just a matter of saying “oh you have to do split squats” and then throwing them in along with what you’re already doing. It’s not even enough to just say “well, I’ll do a bit of Dave’s program on Monday and Tuesday and then stick with my regular stuff”.

Why? Like I said, there’s more to it than just throwing in an exercise someone told you is good for glutes. Here’s the factors that having an actual program takes care of, that you’re missing out on if you’re not actually following the program.

  • Choice of exercise.
  • How many reps?
  • How much rest between sets?
  • What accessory exercise goes with it?
  • Before, or after?
  • How many reps and how much rest between sets on the accessory exercise?
  • Now, how many days before I need to do all this again?
  • With the same reps, rest and accessory options as last time, or different?

You simply can’t expect the same results just from taking one aspect of the program outside of the context of the full, on going training strategy. Similarly, you can’t expect the same results from another program that it is not designed with the same result in mind. My clients are following a Body Sculpting Program┬áthat I have designed specifically to build a lean, symmetrical and attractive body type, just like you see in the results photos. You wouldn’t follow this program expecting it to prepare you for running a distance event, or even to prepare for a strength related sporting event… it delivers the result it was designed to produce, and that’s all you should expect of it.

Similarly you should not expect to duplicate the results of this program, without actually following this program as I have written it.



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