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Exclusive BMI, BMR, Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator

Exclusive BMI, BMR, Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator

I’m very excited indeed to share my new DHPT Nutrition Calculator with you all. This has been in development for the past week or two and will be available for FREE as part of my forthcoming “Look As Good As You Feel” email program.

What it does:
The Calculator will automatically determine the following:

Body Mass Index
Basal Metabolic Rate – ie calories required for body functions (breathing etc) with NO physical activity.
Target Daily Calories to MAINTAIN current weight. If your total calories are less than this amount, you should lose weight.

The Calculator also adds up your total calories for the day, total grams and calorie content of each macronutrient and displays the following:

Pie charts for each meal (morning, afternoon & evening) showing ratio of fats to carbs to protein.
Pie charts for each meal showing ratio of unsaturated (“good” fats) vs saturated (bad) fats.
Pie charts for each meal showing ratio of sugars (“bad”) to other carbohydrates.
Pie chart for total daily fats vs carbs vs protein.
Bar chart comparing daily intake of calories to target calories.
Bar chart comparing daily intake of fats, carbs & proteins to target fat, carb and protein.


The calculator has a page each for Morning, Afternoon & Evening. If you have more than 3 meals a day like I do, you can just put everything up until lunch in the “Breakfast” page and so on, there is plenty of space.
Enter the Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat details from the label of whatever it is you are eating, or by looking it up on calorieking or the product’s website.
You can also go into more detail by entering amount of fibre, sugar, and saturated fats as well.
Enter the amount of serves. For example if a standard serve is 2 slices of bread but you only eat one, enter the Protein, Carb and Fat details for one standard serve but specify 0.5 in the serve column.
On the Statistics page, enter your height, weight, sex and select your level of activity.
I’ve left my breakfast and height & weight details in there to show you how it works.

How it helps:

I’ve talked before about calorie counting, and while I don’t really think it’s necessary for people to spend the rest of their lives meticulously measuring out every portion and balancing every meal out to the last gram, it’s certainly very very helpful indeed to just have a basic understanding of the calorie and nutritional contents of different foods as well as your own requirements. Rather than just using guesswork and hoping for the best, you can put your meals into the calculator and see exactly how they stack up. The primary concern is to not take in too many calories, but of course even reducing calories will not help much if the calories you do consume are mostly from sugars and saturated fats. This nutrition calculator gives you all of this information at a glance and will make it very easy to spot where you are going wrong with your eating habits.

I am sure this is going to be a really useful tool in helping people to understand their nutrition requirements, and the effects that different food choices have on their success with weight management.

Keep watching the site, sign up for my email program and start getting better results!



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