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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

diets, vs sustainable weight management

diets, vs sustainable weight management

Sustainable weight management means learning to eat the right amount of the right foods, long term. That’s not to say you have to eat “clean” all the time, miss out on your favourite meals and never treat yourself, either. It’s simply a matter of knowing what your requirements are, and how much you can eat of different types of foods before you exceed those requirements.

Diets on the other hand are a temporary measure supposed to bring fast results and make up for inappropriate long term eating habits. Of course, a temporary measure can only produce a temporary result. Right?

Now on the subject of nutrition this is usually the opposite of what most people think, and it’s certainly the opposite of anything the weight loss industry is going to tell you. Large portions of the fitness industry as well are trying to push some diet or other and there’s a bunch of technical explanations about how these foods boost metabolism, these other foods help burn fat stores, and these foods effect insulin or other hormone production and when we show you the magical formula of how to put them all together you’ll become a lean, mean, fat burning machine!

What. A. Load. Of. Garbage!

When people put this sort of stuff out there… I’m uncertain what the motivation is. Maybe it’s just people trying to seem knowledgeable, throwing around technical terms and explanations and showing how current their knowledge is by advocating “the latest” in dieting. Certainly that’s a part of it but I’m cynical so I’m inclined to suspect that there’s more to it than this. By pushing these complicated diets with very technical explanations of why they’re the only thing that works… you confuse people, make it seem more difficult than it actually is, and then they NEED you to help them understand and make it work, right? Money in the bank.

Back to the weight loss industry as opposed to the fitness industry and they’re actually even worse. Look at the crap they put out there, with these Very Low Calorie Diets and meal replacement systems and whatever other garbage they’re selling. There’s one where you just eat cookies…. COOKIES!!! all day and it’s supposed to make you lose weight. That is, you eat one cookie for breakfast, one for lunch, and so on. Of course you’re going to lose weight, you’re fucking starving! That’s an actual example although admittedly it is the most ludicrous one I could think of. The shakes and whatever else are really not much better though. Pick up the box and read the nutritional information… something like 17 grams protein and 25 grams sugar, right? And that’s all you get for lunch. Real healthy, right? No.

This stuff makes me so mad because it actually destroys people’s health. So, we can assume anyone who buys these has a health issue already as in they are overweight or obese. So, you go on Very Low Calories or as I like to call it, MALNUTRITION and you actually do lose some weight. When you’re on such low calories though, your body responds in the opposite manner to what you would want. It actually slows down, stops producing the hormones that promote fat loss, and produces more of the stress hormones that make you hold on to those fat stores. The products themselves tend to be full of sugar anyway, so insulin sensitivity becomes an issue. At best you lose some weight but it is mostly from water and muscle loss.

Of course being on un-naturally low amounts of calories and not eating any actual food is not something you can stick to for any length of time. So when you go back to eating normally, with your slowed down metabolism and all, the weight comes back with a vengeance. The cycle goes; gain weight due to inappropriate (high) amounts of calories, starve for a week or two, go back to eating an inappropriate amount of calories… how can this possible result in lasting weight loss? Even if you could expect to stay on the shakes and meal replacement bars permanently… what happens when you stop losing weight? Drop even further in calories? Go on just 2 shakes a day and no meals, instead of 3?

Clearly none of this GARBAGE is actually designed to help you. It is designed to suck you in and force you to keep coming back to spend more money. It is designed to keep you from ever getting lasting results!

Forget about quick fixes, temporary measures, and unrealistic expectations of what sort of restrictions you’ll be able to live with.

Stay tuned, I’ll have a new post soon with everything you need to know about what it takes to get LONG TERM RESULTS in weight management and body recomposition.




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