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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

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chest day in detail

chest day in detail

So today was chest day. Chest day is always a favourite, and gym is almost always the highlight of the day, but today was especially boring apart from gym.

All i really did apart from training is sit around waiting for a man to fix my oven, and then grocery shopping just now. Apart from training it wasn’t much of a day off. Tomorrow I’m getting the car serviced, so this is an expensive week. I might have to put off getting those new supplements (no2 black + more black powder cos i’ve almost run out) until after next pay day.

So anyway, chest day. I did a good workout at around 3pm, approx 2 hours after my protien shake and another 1 hour (so 3 hours all up) after eating 4 slices of french toast for lunch. Took my black powder as i headed out the door and cranked up some Blaze Bayley in the car and I was good to go!

One thing that was a bit of let down was that I left my mp3 player at home, so i couldn’t listen to metal while i trained. Listening to metal i can always push out a few extra reps, compared to the stuff they play at the gym. How can you train listening to stuff with no testosterone that’s designed to appeal only to 14 year old girls or effeminate drug addicts? I don’t get it.

So ok, I’ll finally talk about my workout. I started off with 3 minutes on x trainer to warm up, then I do 4 sets of cable cross overs. I do my cross overs with good technique, standing up right (leaning forward just a little) and really working the adduction of the shoulders via the pectoral muscles. Most people (and until recently i was one of them) seem to do this exercise bent over almost like a cable pec dec or cable press, but I think this way is a lot better. I aim for 3 sets of 8 – 12 reps, and then a bonus set of 25 reps. By the end of this my chest is already pretty pumped.

Next up I do my heavy sets of bench press. I’m doing a descending pyramid (heavy, then lighter) with low reps, trying to get some neural adaption going on that will mean more motor neurones switching on more muscle fibres all at once. Today I used the hammerstrength machine and really loaded it up. Actually loaded it up too much, and couldn’t budge it at all. Went a little lighter and managed half a rep. Came down to 120 kilos and then i managed 1 and a half reps which is about what I wanted.

I would have liked to have pushed out a little heavier weight, but starting off with the cable cross overs means my chest is already somewhat pre-fatigued before I get to bench press. This is not so good for ego, but better for actual results – or this is the theory anyway.

So I do another 3 sets of bench press, going a little lighter each time and getting an extra rep or two out. Then finally the pump set of 25 reps to finish.

In between I did some hanging leg raises for ab work, and after finishing bench press I did 3 sets on the ab machine doing 8 reps per set. I am trying hard to develope my abs at the moment by doing 3 different ab exercises with 3 different rep ranges. I’ll talk more about this another day though.

Next up is 3 supersets of decline dumbbell flys with decline dumbbell press. Again, doing it this way means I can’t go particularly heavy, because the chest is quite heavilly fatigued by the time you get through the 12 reps of flys and on to the pressing exercise. This is a new approach to me and so far I like it a lot.

Next up is cable scoops for 3 sets of 8 to 12, plus the endurance set of 25 reps. The reason for the 25 rep set is to work the slow twitch muscle fibres for increased overall hypertrophy.

As you can see this program is built heavilly around the strategy of pre-fatiguing, and working both the fast and slow twitch fibres as well as the heavy sets of bench press for neural adaption.

To finish off with I do 3 sets of pushups to failure on the bosu, supersetted with fitball transfers for the abs. This is a pretty brutal way to finish off!

After this I came home for another shake, and followed that up with a good vegetarian dinner an hour or two later. Then one of my protien bars was for supper later on again.

Tomorrow is back day and that should be some fun as well.



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