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Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

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Body Image; Work To Your Strengths!

Body Image; Work To Your Strengths!

Once again here is your advance warning; I’m not writing your usual bullshit media articles on this subject, tip toeing around the issue because “OH young people already feel too much PRESSURE to be thin”. What a load of garbage.

I’m repeating a little of what I already covering in the previous two entries, TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IT. There’s some new insights as well so read up and take it all in!

Like I said the other day; almost all people want to feel attractive and take pride in their appearance. Fat, skinny, muscular, athletic… whatever body type a person has, MOST of them still brush their teeth, go to the hair dresser, the waxing salon, the tanning studio, dress up in nice clothes… maybe they also get tattoos and piercings, and so on. Maybe you don’t do ALL of those things, but I’m certain you do at least one or two. Why? Because it’s normal to care about your appearance. It’s not because you feel pressured by society, am I right?

So despite the politically correct bullshit we’re supposed to think, people do want to look their best, and they feel happier and more confident when they know they are looking good.

I would suggest that young people DO feel a lot of pressure from society in a lot of areas (do well at school, get into Uni, get a good job, make lots of money, turn that music down), but unlike most of these things, the desire to want to look your best comes from within.

The only problem is that people don’t have the knowledge, motivation or support they need to go about changing from out of shape, to in great shape. But I’m dong my best to change all that because that’s what I do.

Body Image; Work To Your Strengths.

This part is important and especially for the girls out there. Beauty comes in many forms. I don’t know if I believe that it’s actually true that every time we compliment a supermodel for being pretty, a million teenage girls get depressed because they don’t have the same body type, face shape, hair colour, or whatever… I mean…. really? Come on, girls. It’s not like there is only one way you can look to qualify as “pretty” and everything else is “ugly”.

If you’re healthy and have a good, fun, positive attitude that’s going to add up “attractive” in most people’s eyes. The idea that men all have a “type” (and that ALL men like the same type) is far from accurate.

So, rather than worry about what you’re NOT, work with what you’ve got;

For example; if you’re naturally thin, work on adding some muscle for a firm, toned, LEAN and attractive body. If you’re naturally bigger, you can maintain your curves in the right places while improving your body composition, again resulting in a more attractive figure.

Like I said, work with what you’ve got. The idea is to be trying your best to be the best version of yourself… not to be more like someone else.

And of course, it goes without saying… we’re also talking about being HEALTHY here. Looking and feeling better is really just a by-product of doing things the right way in regard to food and physical activity. More on this shortly.

Identify Your Goal.

Make no mistake; your number one goal & priority in life is to be HAPPY & healthy. Getting an education, a good job, making an honest living and knowing right from wrong, those are all important things too, but the reason they’re important is because they make it a lot easier for you to have a good & happy life. So, being happy is always the most important thing, and absolutely everything else is merely a supporting item.

So if you’re not happy, do something about GETTING happy.

Your health is another crucial element in achieving a happy life, so of course good nutrition and physical activity go along way towards this. Along with the improved confidence and self esteem that comes from looking your best, as we already discussed.

Once you get started, you’ll be amazed how much better “I still have a long way to go, but I am doing my best!” feels, compared to “I’m not very happy, but I’m not doing anything about it”.

Think “Body Composition”, not “Weight Loss”.

This is SUPER important. Do not forget that the object here is to be healthy and feel good about yourself. Don’t obsess about the numbers on the scales too much. Obviously we went to end up in what is considered a healthy weight range… but don’t confuse this with “weigh as little as possible”. Remember that as far as actual body weight goes, factors such as improved bone density and lean mass (aka muscle) can offset fat loss… so how your clothes fit and what you see in the mirror can be a far better indication of progress than the numbers on your scales.

Develop a winner’s attitude.

Be realistic. No one is going to stick to their plan 110% of the time. If you have to miss training for some reason, or you eat a bit too much one day… that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just get back on track again tomorrow.

Start to see yourself as the type of person who does what it takes to succeed in life. Allow yourself the occasional slip up. Successful people aren’t successful because they never make a mistake and everything goes exactly to plan… they’re successful because they try their best, keep on trying and never quit.



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