Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Best program for strength and aesthetics

Best program for strength and aesthetics

I can’t lie to you, boys and girls.

There’s a million reasons to exercise and weight / resistance training in particular has so many benefits that I’ve talked about many times in this blog or elsewhere. We’re talking general health benefits, physical fitness, strength, endurance, improved posture, functionality, bone density, mental focus, emotional health, improved performance in sports… the list is almost inexhaustible.

I train for ALL of these reasons, but do you want to know my number one reason for training? Well… let’s say equal first, it’s a draw really.

Training is enjoyable and if you train regularly and consistently you’re going to achieve great results. This translates into a lot of satisfaction and feeling like you’re in control of your life. So, that’s hard to beat, right? But you know what else is right up there as equal first reason for working out every day?

I want to look good!

Shallow, huh? Well not really.

Regardless of what they might try to tell you, most people want to look nice. I don’t care if they’re gym junkies or couch potatoes, at some time they’re going to pull out their best clothes, fix their hair & make up, look in the mirror and think “yep, I look pretty!” And these days that goes for the men almost as much as the women! Hair and make up is expensive these days too… and that’s before we even talk about botox and cosmetic surgery and all those distasteful things!

So I don’t care what anyone says, people want to look good and they’re prepared to spend money to do it… but if you REALLY want to look and feel your best it’s going to take something extra, and that something is an effective exercise and nutrition program. Because, you don’t just want to look good from the chin up, do you?

So I am all about the aesthetics, but what you might not know yet is that the key to producing that lean and toned body is in strength training. As I always say, if you want to get bigger (more muscle mass); lift heavy and eat more. If you want to get smaller (less body fat), lift heavy and eat less. If you’re about the right size but want to improve body composition (aka tone up, more muscle and less fat) you can eat at around maintenance levels… and still lift heavy!

So with this in mind I created my Progressive Power and Next Level training programs. As well as facilitating a dramatic increase in physical strength, the programs are designed to promote an aesthetically pleasing, balanced and symmetrical physique. We do this by focussing primarily on four natural movements for upper body, as well as for lower body. In addition to this the programs are highly customisable to allow extra attention to lagging, less responsive or difficult to target muscle groups.

Check out my Online Personal Training pages for more about Progressive Power, or if you are looking for a free training program you are in luck, because the details of my Next Level Program are all available in my blog.

Stay tuned gang I have some big news coming up!



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