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IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Dave Hargreaves Personal Training

IIFYM, Flexible Dieting & Personal Training at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick

Flexible Fueling Online Coaching

DHPT Flexible Fueling: Online Coaching System

As you might already be aware, I’ve been offering training programs and IIFYM guidelines online now for several years and have helped many happy and successful clients from all around the world to meet their fitness and recovery related goals.

A little background:

Flexible Fueling is a unique and innovative approach that differs greatly from most IIFYM or flexible dieting programs.

Unlike elsewhere, the end result is not to obsessively count calories and track macros. The ultimate goal and outcome that we work towards is simply to be able to eat confidently and intuitively, secure in the knowledge that you have an appetite for and are in the habit of eating about the right amounts, and that your body will let you know when it needs a little more.

The ultimate goal is that this happens while also seeing your best performance at training, and producing your leanest and most athletic condition.

The Strategy:

To achieve that goal described above requires a strategy to build an appetite for the appropriate amounts of total energy and each macronutrient. Unlike most IIFYM programs we are not concerned with calorie deficit, but rather we increase strategically from an adequate level of fueling, to a more optimal level of fueling, to really pushing a maximal level of usable energy intake, and finally an intuitive approach where we merely revise and recalibrate at regular intervals, rather than tracking or planning every individual day.

These days there all too many “macro coaches” online and even free calculators to come up with your own targets. Anyone can calculate a deficit, but very few have a strategy to build towards optimal fueling levels for optimal performance and best athletic condition. The real difference in this program is in how we assess the results from week to week, and revise the strategy accordingly to make it fit your individual needs… however will best suit you to achieve optimal levels of fueling.

It is the polar opposite of rigid & restrictive approaches to dieting and to deficit chasing “eat less and less, burn more and more” versions of IIFYM.

The Training Program:

As sophisticated and comprehensive as the nutrition strategy is, so to is the training program. Gym based programs to get strong and sculpt your most athletic and aesthetic condition, or to complement your sports training. Again, we’ll choose the most appropriate split and customise the exercise selection to best suit your needs.

Engagement & Enthusiasm; not “accountability”.

Report in with the team in our private support group to stay motivated. This is about enthusiastically doing your best, enjoying the journey and genuinely seeing your best results ever.

I’ll ask you to report in 3 times per week, and you can hit me up for advice & support as often as you need to. Unlimited support, because I never get tired of hearing about how great my people are doing.

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Recovery Coaching:

Extreme dieting can wreak havoc on the body and mind, often while still failing to produce the desired physical results. This is a serious matter and I am loathe to make any empty promises on the subject. However, I am very proud of the level of success clients have reported in using my approach to Flexible Dieting along with my training programs as a vehicle to recovery from the effects of extreme dieting & disordered eating in the past.

Read my blog entry on Flexible Dieting For Recovery. If you are ready for this, shoot me a message and let’s talk.