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Dave interviews Mariya Mova of MovaFitness

Dave interviews Mariya Mova of MovaFitness

Mariya Mova is a highly successful Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Model, and Photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

DHPT: Thanks for talking to us at the Melbourne Personal Training blog!
Going back to when you first started, what was your initial motivation to start training and what were your fitness goals at the time?

MM: I was a dancer at that time (1987) and my teacher told me I had to lose weight before I step on stage, so I went to the gym I loved it so much I am still in the gym I left the dancing for it. My initial goal was to step on the BDB stage and shortly after that I was one of the very few natural female bodybuilders competing at that time (1992).

DHPT: When did you make the decision to go from a fitness enthusiast to a professional, and start your career in the fitness industry? And what steps did you take to get started?

MM: Shortly after I started training I realised there were no trainers in the gym to guide me, I was getting advice from other gym buddies but wasn’t happy with my progress, then I decided that I have to become a coach and teach myself and others too. I did a short course to become one of the very first female BDB trainers back then in 1990 and in 1994 I enrolled to study Sports performance, kinetics, exercise and physical education graduated in 1999 with 3 degrees in Bachelor of Sports Science. I continued my education throughout the years and keep updated as of today.

DHPT: Your career as a trainer and competitor has taken you all around the world. What was your greatest experience or a favourite memory from your travels?

MM: Oh I am writing a book at the moment about the amazing experience I had travelling with my fitness career from Europe-to Middle East-Australia and America. I can talk a lot about that but the highlight of all was my appearance at the Olympia and taking part as a contestant at the Olympia stage 2009 for Flex bikini model search. It was amazing to be there and meet all the fitness stars!

DHPT: Getting back to talking about training again, what are your current goals in your own training?

MM: My current goals are to overcome my off and on training and body shape swinging. To maintain a lean/healthy and toned physique without fluctuating or being on drastic diet throughout the year as well as to continue competing and inspiring many people in the future.

DHPT: Do you have an overall strategy for your own training? For example do you stick to the same workout programs, or keep changing your approach?

MM: Variety is the key-people and myself get bored easily, when you progress and see results you stay motivated!

DHPT: And when training clients, how much of a “one size fits all” approach can you take? I think there are certain initial steps that will help anyone getting started with weight loss or fitness training, but to really get lasting results you need to consider each client as an individual and discover what approach will work best for them. Do you agree with this?

MM: There are basics when it comes to beginners and general fitness or common fitness goals like loosing weight for example. But after that stage every one should be individually assessed, it takes knowledge and understanding to be able to get to know other person’s body and know what works for them and what not. Also if is for general fitness is very different to if the person has specific goals/sports and is aiming for certain event or competition. So as personal trainer you need to consider the client’s age, gender, body composition, fitness level, medical conditions/injuries, time availability and dedication, what activities they enjoy and their fitness goals as well.

DHPT: How important is nutrition in all of this?

MM: I believe nutrition is important 80%, some people underestimate the nutrition impact on the final result, I do believe nutrition is all about! The energy levels, the recovery period, the performance, the body shape, the motivation all comes from nutrition! Especially in the world of Bodybuilding and physique contests the nutrition has even bigger input and is one of the most discussed topics contributing 100% to the final stage of the competitor’s preparation.

DHPT: What nutrition tips do you have for anyone trying to lose weight?

MM: Losing weight is the easiest goal comparing to many others. The person who’s aim is to loose weight should just reduce the daily calorie intake to create calorie deficit so they can burn the excessive fat storage as energy. But after that it comes to keeping as much as possible the lean muscle mass and keeping the energy levels as well as fighting those sugar cravings…. That’s when it becomes a bit more complicated.

DHPT: And for people trying to gain weight?

MM: Again gaining weight is easy task too-just eat more calories of what you burn, but when it comes to increasing only the lean muscle mass is when people get confused and increasing the lean muscle mass is even harder then reducing the body fat…. My advice here is to eat few more meals a day high in protein-total of 5 to 6 meals a day.

DHPT: How about for us vegetarians?

MM: My advice for vegetarians depending on what they are allowed to eat is basically the same-eat few more meals a day high in protein-total of 5 to 6 meals a day. Don’t forget that protein is the main source of recovering and substance needed for muscle gain-so you need to supply the body with protein in a form of supplement protein powder or whatever you are allowed to eat!

DHPT: Lots of egg whites, tofu and so on!

DHPT: Mariya, thanks again for talking to me here on Melbourne Personal Training, and also for all of the good advice you’ve given me in the past in regards to my training and business goals.

MM: Thank you David for having me and good luck in the world of fitness

For more about Mariya, head to www.movafitness.com



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