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Innovator In Flexible Dieting

Also known as IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros, Flexible Dieting means your choice of foods, on the schedule that best suits you, to meet your sports & general nutrition requirements.

When done properly this does not simply mean "calorie restriction" or "calorie deficit".

We take a periodised, Sports Nutrition approach first working towards optimal targets to facilitate best performance and the prioritisation of lean mass at the expense of fat mass, and then working to a strategic level of deficit to draw more from fat stores while maintaining lean mass and athletic performance.

Originator In Online Coaching

DHPT Flexible Fueling Online is not your usual, run of the mill Online Coaching where you get some generic list of good foods you have to eat, bad foods you're not allowed to eat, calorie restrictions, calorie burning workouts, and then you never hear from your so called coach again.

Together we will build, refine, and fine tune an evolving, custom training and fueling strategy for best athletic performance, condition, and sustainable, on-going results, without restrictions.

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Exclusive Personal Training

Doherty's Gym is known as The Australian Mecca of bodybuilding, strength training, and all things fitness, and is the home (and home away from home) of local & international fitness superstars too many to mention.

A select few local clients have the unique opportunity to train with me in person at this world famous location where I am an officially approved and authorised trainer.

For people who are serious about training for performance and condition, and who insist upon results without restrictions!

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DHPT & Flexible Fueling Online is a unique proposition, different from other Personal Training or IIFYM Coaching you may have tried previously.

The difference

How many trainers do you know of who are endorsed by the leading body building promoter, and also HAES practitioners and body positivity advocates? Who's worldwide client base has included GPs and medical professionals, other trainers, University qualified nutritionists, academics and educators? People who've worked in eating disorder recovery clinics, and people who didn't want to end up back in the eating disorder clinic? Who's clients have included power lifters, marathoners, triathletes, martial artists, brand new beginners, and people getting off the yo-yo diet cycle and seeing success in their health, fitness & body condition goals for the first time?

Probably just the one... I'm just saying.

Suitable For

  • Beginners
  • Athletes
  • Martial Artists
  • Vegetarians
  • Vegans
  • E/D Relapse Avoidance
  • Anyone Who's Serious About Results


Hear from some current and former clients of DHPT Flexible Fueling, Worldwide.
I'm absolutely loving my training plan and the flexibility that the meal guide allows. Finally a program where I don't feel restricted. Love that I can work treats into my macros to stay sane! Feeling strong and seeing results. Thanks Dave!

Kacie W

Online Coaching Client
I've always been active, but until now I had not succeeded with my goals because I lacked structure to my workouts and food intake. I'm a registered nurse so, naturally, I wanted an evidence-based approach to meeting my fuel and activity requirements. Fad diets and food "products" only exist to make money, not healthy people, so I wanted to stay as far away from that as possible. Dave set me my macro-nutritent intake goals, and I was surprised to find that I only needed to make a few minor adjustments to my usual intake to meet my requirements. I now have a structured workout plan to follow, and 2 months on, I am seeing (and most importantly, feeling) the results! I feel stronger and more confident, and the -4kg weight loss is just an added bonus. Dave continues to be supportive, cheering me on as I meet my targets and beat my goals. The most important thing about this program to me, is that it's sustainable and enjoyable. I bet you can't say that about your 900 cal/day shake diets!

Rachel V

Online Coaching Client
After countless gym/online programs, what seems like a lifetime of restricted calories, low energy and feelings of guilt associated with food I finally feel like in getting somewhere! Dave's program and support is fantastic. No guilt trips, no starvation - just facts, results and positive reinforcement. I'm feeling stronger than ever, seeing frequent increases in my weights when I'm at the gym, weight and body fat % both improving and I'm actually allowed to EAT! Slowly changing my attitude towards food and no longer seeing food as "good or bad" just what works for me individually and having the freedom to formulate my own diet plan around Dave's macro guidelines is invaluable. Excited for my future fitness goals for the first time in a long time. I can't recommend his programs highly enough!!!!!

Danni K

Personal Training Client

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